Adult Tennis Leagues




USTA adult leagues are sanctioned by the USTA and consist of both singles and doubles play for adults 18 and over.  Birchwood hosts two men’s USTA teams at the 3.0 and 4.0, levels and four women’s USTA teams at the 2.5, 3.5, and 4.0, and 4.5 levels. The format is 2 singles and 3 doubles per match. Each player must be a member of the United States Tennis Association and their playing level must be verified through the online USTA certification process. The season runs from the beginning of May through the end of July. Matches are played in the evening beginning at 6:00pm and practices are scheduled separately by the teams.


The Metropolitan Interclub Tennis League (MITL) was founded in 1963 and features women's doubles team competition among clubs throughout Westchester and Fairfield counties from May through June.  Birchwood hosts in both A and C divisions.  Matches are played weekly during midday.



Birchwood Swim and Tennis Club Birchwood Adult Tennis Teams Rules


Birchwood sponsors a number of USTA and MITL adult league teams, the teams and members of which must abide by the following rules.


Rosters: Team Rosters must be submitted to the Club no later than April 27, 2019. Any roster changes after April 27, 2019 are subject to approval by the Tennis Chair. Priority for roster spots on any team should be given to qualified Birchwood Members. Rosters must be composed of no fewer than 50% Birchwood Members, and the primary team Captains must be a Birchwood Member.


Match Schedule: Teams must submit a Match Schedule to the Club not later than April 27, 2019. Match Schedules will be posted at the Club and be held by the Head Tennis Pro. On match days with weather concerns, the decision to play or postpone will be made by the Head Tennis Pro, not the team captain. Make-up matches may only be scheduled with the approval of the Head Tennis Pro. If such make-up matches need to be scheduled on a weekend, play can commence only after 3:00pm, and no more than three courts may be used at a time (team matches requiring five courts would be played on a 3/2 staggered basis).


Practice Dates/Times: All practice times should be requested by April 27, 2019 and will be assigned shortly thereafter. Weekend practices will only be permitted after 3:00pm, subject to coordination with the Head Tennis Pro, such that no more than four courts may be used for practices at any one time. Practice court time for each team will be limited to either four courts for a practice of 90 minutes per week or two courts for a practice of 120 minutes per week.


Coaching: No outside coaches are permitted. Teams are highly encouraged to contract with any of the Birchwood Tennis Pros for Coaching/Training at a fee to be determined between the Team and the Pros.


Fees: No fees for members, although teams may charge dues for incidentals or supervised practices.

Non-Member Court and Club Usage: Non-Members who are on the roster of a Birchwood team may only use Birchwood tennis courts during designated official practice times and home matches. Non- Members must sign in at the front gate upon arrival for an official practice or home match. Non- Members may not use any other Club facilities except the rest rooms, changing rooms, or snack bar in connection with an official team practice or home match. No family members of a Non-Member on a Birchwood tennis team may use any Club facilities except to be on Club premises as a spectator of a home match. Any court or Club usage outside of an official practice or home match must be with a Birchwood Member who has paid the Guest Fees (subject to the general guest usage policy of Birchwood). Any non-permitted court or other Club usage will result in automatic (zero tolerance) removal from the team roster. All Non-Members playing on a Birchwood adult league tennis team are encouraged to apply for a Birchwood membership, subject to the normal application procedures.


Non-Member Roster Limitations: Any Birchwood adult league team must be composed of no fewer than 50% Birchwood members. Birchwood members on the roster only count for the purpose of meeting the 50% test if they play no fewer than two matches over the season.

Non-Member Fees: Non-Members pay the Club $250 per team on which they play (MITL/USTA) or $350 for two teams (USTA/MITL), in addition to any team dues or practice fees. If a Non-Member is not on the roster but is brought in to substitute in order for the team to field a full roster for a match, then they or the team will have to pay Birchwood $50 for the first match, and $75 if they play a second match, whether home or away. A Non-Member substitute may not play more than twice before for the full season's fee must be paid. Non-Members must sign a rules acknowledgement form and liability waiver to be submitted with their fees. 








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