All Members must sign in and register Guests upon check-in at the booth before entering club.

            -   Must be 16 or older to sign in guests.

  • Limit 2 guests per member per day.



  • Respect the lifeguards at all times.  They are here for your safety.

  • Absolutely no swimming without lifeguard present.

  • Diving board will be opened for non-dive team members solely at the discretion of management. 

  • No diving, except at the deep end of the pool.

  • No diapers of any kind in the main pool.

  • No floatation devices of any sort in the main pool.

  • No running in the pool area.

  • No horseplay in or around the pool.

  • No food or drinks in the pool area.

  • No children over 5 in the kiddie pool.

  • Children must be supervised in the kiddie pool at all times.

  • No pets allowed.

  • Water pistols and the like are not permitted on Club grounds.

  • Birchwood is a smoke free facility.

  • Please report all injuries immediately to a staff member.

Help keep Birchwood beautiful. Please Clean up after yourselves.

I.  Member/Family Parties are encouraged.  Arrangements must be made in advance with the Manager for parties and for any member/guest entourage of more than six (6) persons.  The fee is $200 for up to 20 party guests, with a $10 tax fee for each additional party guest, for a 2 HOUR party.  The date of the party will not be reserved until a check is received.  Please remember to book a rain date as well.  Entertainment (if any) for all parties will require the Manager’s approval.  Board approval may be required in certain cases.  The pool caterer must be used for food services.


II.  Children


Children ten (12) years of age and under MUST be accompanied by a person sixteen (16) years of age or older who will be responsible for them.  Please do not ask the Club staff to baby-sit or do personal errands, as we do not permit them to do this.  This includes children who are participating in swimming or diving programs; a responsible person 16 years of age or older must be present when they are participating.



III.  Guests


Only active members, sixteen (16) years of age or older may register a guest upon entering the Club.  Each member may bring up to two guests per day.  The members and their guests must sign in upon entry at either the gatehouse when staffed, or at the Club Office, or sign-in board for the tennis courts.  The active member will be billed periodically for their guests.  A guest may be invited no more than six (6) times on weekend occasions for the season.  For tennis, there is an additional limit of only six (6) weekday visits for the season.  Members are responsible for the behavior of their guests.  The Club reserves the right at its sole discretion to revoke guest privileges for failure to comply with club rules.


Guest Fees are $10.00 + tax per guest (guests age 3 and under are free) 

Exceptions:  Guest fees are waived for Club Guest functions, e.g. Swim Meets, Guest Tournaments 


Associate Membership pertains to babysitters, extended visiting relative, and other adults domiciled in your household.

IV. Food, Beverages, Smoking, Pets and Miscellaneous

Food and Beverages may only be consumed at tables located in the snack bar area, picnic area and outside the Tennis Hut.

Smoking is not permitted.  In 2005, the Board voted that Birchwood is a smoke free environment.


Pets are not permitted on the Club grounds.


Alcoholic Beverages may not be consumed, transported, or sold on the Club grounds.


Water pistols are not permitted on club property.

V.  Accidents, Property Damage


All accidents must be reported to the Club staff immediately.  Members are financially responsible for any damage to, or loss of, Club property resulting from their actions or any actions of their guests or any Associate Member they sponsor.

VI.  Tennis, Platform Tennis, Swimming and Diving


The appropriate rules for each of these activities will be provided and posted by the Directors chairing these committees.  The diving boards are for competitive use only during scheduled practices and events.  Use of the diving boards is otherwise prohibited by state law.

VII.  Board of Directors’ Authority


The Board of Directors reserves the right to amend these rules at any time.  Nothing in these rules shall limit in any way the Board’s authority consistent with the Club’s by-laws.   Any member who exhibits rudeness or inconsideration to any staff member will first be warned in writing, then risk temporary suspension from the club.



1. Diving may only be practiced during regular practice schedule (Mon-Fri 10:30am to 12:pm), under the supervision of the diving coach.  The dates and times of diving clinics will be posted.


2. The slide will be closed during diving practices.


3. Only one diver permitted on diving board at a time. All other divers will be seated in designated chairs until their turn.  No divers will be allowed on the diving steps while someone is on the board.


4. Diving coach will communicate the order of divers at the beginning of the practice.


5. Absolutely no pushing, distracting, horseplay or cutting divers in line.


6. Do not distract the diving coach while he/she is coaching.


7. Do not distract the diver while he/she is on the board.


8. Do not play or hang out in the deep water during diving practice.    


If divers do not listen to the diving coach or obey the above rules, they will be asked to leave the diving team.



  1. Courts open at 8am daily and close at sunset.

  2. No play is permitted prior to 8am due to the need to roll and sweep the courts each morning.

  3. During pool hours, members must use the main Gatehouse entrance.

  4. Before pool hours, members may use the rear entrance; sign-in and guest registration still required.


WEATHER: Please check on court conditions by logging onto the website, calling the tennis hut at (914) 238-4940 (recording to be updated with court conditions) or checking the sign at the courts.



  • Registration (Sign-In board is on the Equipment Shed) is REQUIRED FOR PLAY.  A Sign-In Board and Guest Registration forms are located on the equipment shed.   If a member plays without registering for that court, he/she will be at risk of losing the court if another member signs up for it.

  • Only members may register for courts on the Sign-In board.

  • Registration may only be done in person. Registration in advance, by phone or proxy is not permitted.

  • When all courts are filled, members MUST sign their name on the Waiting List.  When a court is free, the member will cross his/her name off the Waiting List and enter his/her name on the available court.  Members on the Waiting List who are not present and ready to play when a court becomes available forfeit their position and must re-enter their names at the bottom of the Waiting List.



  • Singles: 60 minutes

  • Doubles: 90 Minutes



Members wishing to replay will need to re-enter their names on the Sign-In Board even if no other members are waiting to play.



  • The Tennis Director and/or the Tennis Pros may reserve courts on a standing basis during the season for club events, tournaments and various club programs.

  • The club reserves the right to use up to 6 courts for special events, allowing 2 courts for member usage.  All events to be posted on the website and tennis calendar.

  • All programs are subject to cancellation depending on the number of participants.



  • All guests MUST be accompanied by an active member.

  • Guest registration is required at all times. Guest name and address will be required for registration. Guest registration to be completed at the Gatehouse entrance during club hours and at the courts during any other times.

  • Guest fees are $10.00 + tax per visit/guest.  Member will be billed monthly for guest fees.

  • Guest play is limited to no more than 6 visits per hosting Member from May to the fall closing of the courts.

  • On WEEKENDS prior to 1pm, no single member may bring more than one guest for play; Doubles play must include 2 members on the court in use. At all other times, a member may not host more than 3 members on the courts without permission.



  • Appropriate tennis attire is required at all times.

  • Shirts must be worn at all times. Bathing suit tops are not permitted.

  • Tennis or flat soled shoes are required. No cross training sneakers, running shoes or sandals/flip-flops are permitted.



No outside professionals are permitted to give lessons on the Birchwood courts.


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